Movies Slate for the 2010 West Seattle Outdoor Movies

Saturday, July 17th – Mamma Mia 2008 Rated PG-13
(with the short, Trip to the Dentist/W.C. Fields)

Saturday, July 24 – War Games 1984 Rated PG

Saturday, July 31st – Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009 Rated PG

Saturday, August 7th – Star Trek 2009 Rated PG-13

Saturday, August 14th – Wayne’s World 1992 Rated PG-13

Saturday, August 21st – Up 2009 Rated G


  1. Seattle surely has a very impressive line up of movies. Most of the movies in the list are current and are chart toppers. Similarly there are interesting movies every summer at the event center in Denver Colorado. Every year, everyone goes to the outdoor movies in the event centers in Denver Colorado to enjoy different types of movies screened during weekends.

  2. why do you have mostly all MALE oriented movies? very self centered.