Farewell for 2013

Six movies ranging from the classic James Bond Goldfinger to The Muppets, Spinal Tap and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Over 1,500 people attended this year

Over $1,900 raised for charity

Community BBQ

Media support from the West Seattle Blog

Gift certificates donated from local businesses  

Live music before the shows

An 18” Stonehenge

Shoe auction to raise money for a local animal rescue group

Food drive


Welcome to the West Seattle Outdoor Movies - 2013

As we write this blog on a rainy day in June (summer...hahhaaa), we are reminded in just a few short weeks the 2013 West Seattle Outdoor movies will begin.

We think our Seattle summer is getting all the rain squeezed out now so we can enjoy six Saturdays of FREE movie entertainment.

Join us beginning on Saturday, July 20th for the first movie of the season - Goldfinger, rated PG.