Footloose Saturday, July 25th

Classic tale of teen rebellion and repression features a delightful combination of dance choreography and realistic and touching performances. When teenager Ren and his family move from big-city Chicago to a small town in the West, he's in for a real case of culture shock. Though he tries hard to fit in, the streetwise Ren can't quite believe he's living in a place where rock music and dancing are illegal. There is one small pleasure, however: Ariel, a troubled but lovely blonde with a jealous boyfriend. and a Bible-thumping minister, who is responsible for keeping the town dance-free. Ren and his classmates want to do away with this ordinance, especially since the senior prom is around the corner, but only Ren has the courage to initiate a battle to abolish the outmoded ban and revitalize the spirit of the repressed townspeople. Fast-paced drama is filled with such now-famous hit songs as the title track and "Let's Hear It for the Boy.
Footloose sponsored by:
The Body Bar
Stella Ruffingtons Doggy Daycare
Don Pennell Prudental Real Estate
Martha L. Davis Child and Family Therapy
Esquin Wine Merchants
Pre-show are go-go dancers and chair massages

King Kong Saturday, July 25th Starts at Dusk

Quotes from the Movie:
Carl Denham: [after discovering a huge footprint of Kong] Keep those guns cocked.
Crew member: He's tellin' us.
Crew member: I'd hate to have that thing wrapped around me.
Carl Denham: [warning Jack about women] Some big, hardboiled egg gets a look at a pretty face and bang, he cracks up and goes sappy!
Ann Darrow: I thought you didn't like woman?Jack Driscoll: Yeah, but you're not woman.
Carl Denham: Listen, there are dozens of girls in this town tonight that are in more danger than they'll ever see with me.
Jack Driscoll: Yeah, but they know that kind of danger.
Carl Denham: [observing the natives dancing] Holy mackerel! What a show!
Captain Englehorn: And you expect to photograph it?
Carl Denham: If it's there, you bet I'll photograph it!
Jack Driscoll: Suppose it doesn't like having its picture taken?
Carl Denham: Well, now you know why I brought along those cases of gas bombs.
Jack Driscoll: [to Ann] Hey... I guess I love you.Carl Denham: [just before he instructs Ann on how to act in front of the camera] I see you've put on the "Beauty and the Beast" costume!
Ann Darrow: Uh, huh... it's the prettiest!
Carl Denham: And now, ladies and gentlemen, before I tell you any more, I'm going to show you the greatest thing your eyes have ever beheld. He was a king and a god in the world he knew, but now he comes to civilization merely a captive - a show to gratify your curiosity. Ladies and gentlemen, look at Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World.
Carl Denham: Don't be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. Those chains are made of chrome steel.
This Saturday, July 25th is the showing of the original 1933 film, King Kong.
The gates open at 7pm and remember to bring your chairs, blankets and friends for a great FREE evening for the entire family.
Concessions will be available for $1.00 each and cupcakes will be provided by Coffee to a Tea with Sugar.
King Kong and our pre-show this week is 'Beasts with Bananas' sponsored by Photography by Sarah Barrick. Our raffle items include gift certficates by Sarah Barrick, West 5, Elliot Bay, Hotwire
Coffee and Shadowlands.
All proceeds to go charity.
The short this week is by the National Film Festival for talented youth.

Princess Bride a Great Success

Record-breaking crowds as reported by the West Seattle Blog The bachlorette found her prince and went to the West 5 (thanks Dave for the gift certificate) and the 2 runners-up both received a gift card from Elliot Bay.

Thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets, we raised $128 for Westside Baby which was handed to them on Sunday during the Stuff the Bus diaper drive.

Next up is King Kong, more details to follow this week.

Pre-Show & Princess Bride

We're gearing up for the first movie of the season, The Princess Bride. This year we're going to bring way more fun events even before the movie. At 8:15 get ready for the WS dating game. You remember that, right? One gal, three dudes? Lot's of great questions. Join us to see which bachelor is picked! Gift certificate provided by West 5.

While you're enjoying the dating game, grab yourself a BBQ pork slider compliments of Dream Dinners (sponsor). After the dating game we'll be watching a short by the National Film Festival for Talented Youth and will hear a few words from some of the directors.

The raffle this movie will benefit West Side Baby and the Helpline. Gift certificates provided by West 5, Lady Di Pet Chaperone and Elliot Bay Brewery. Tickets are $1.00 each or 3 for $2.00!

We'll have cupcakes from Coffee to a Tea with Sugar and concessions from West Seattle Christian Church. All proceeds go to charity. I hear we'll even have frozen Junior Mints as requested by the forum posts via the West Seattle Blog.

This week's movie is sponsored by:
Dream Dinners
Dr. Jerry Wolff
Dr. Heidi Horowitz
Lady Di Pet Chaperone
Hands to Paws Animal Massage
West 5
Elliot Bay Brewery
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